Sharing a follow-up sequence with your team

Creating a sequence of follow-up e-mails is a process that takes some time:

  • Thinking through the subject and content of each e-mail.
  • Finding and adding images (if necessary).
  • Thinking about what will be the conditions that will determine the activation of the sequence....

Steps for sharing a follow up sequence

So, if you want other members of your team to be able to use it without having to create one from scratch, you can do the following:

1.- Access the "Follow-ups" section of your InboxPro’s dashboard.

Follow up Feature Menu - InboxPro2.- Click on "Sequences" and then on the "Share" icon of the sequence you want to share with your team.

Follow up Feature Sequences - InboxPro

3.- When the pop-up appears select if you want to share it with "Everyone in the team" or "Select people individually". You can specify as well if this person will have permissions for editing it or not.

Follow up Feature Share Sequence - InboxPro

4.- From that moment on, the sequence will be available to the team. You can check it by going to the "My Sequences" section and clicking on the arrow in the upper right corner and then on "Shared with me".  

Follow up Feature Sequences Shared - InboxPro

(*) Important: to be able to share a sequence you need to have previously added new team members. If you need information on how to add team members, see the article "Team overview" or "Inviting a team member".

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