Editing a follow-up sequence

Steps for editing a follow up sequence

If you need to edit a follow-up sequence that you have previously created to change the text, the template or the conditions under which each of the emails are sent, do the following:

1.- Access the "Follow-ups" section of your InboxPro’s dashboard.

Follow up Feature Menu - InboxPro2.- Click on "Sequences" and then on the "Edit" icon of the sequence you want to edit.

Follow up Feature Sequences - InboxPro3.- On the next screen, change the data you need: subject, text, the trigger and the conditions under which it is sent, etc. When you have finished, click on "Save sequence".

Follow up Feature Sequence Triggers - InboxPro

4.- If you want to see how the email will look like before reactivating the sequence, click on “Preview” and a preview pop-up will be displayed. You can also test how the email will arrive in the inbox by clicking on "Send test email".

Follow up Feature Sequence Preview - InboxPro

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