How to see the status and progress of a follow-up email

When you use a follow-up email sequence you need to have full control over what is happening. With InboxPro’s, you can always see the status of an e-mail sequence and you can stop or delete it if necessary (for example, once the recipient of the e-mail replies).

Steps for checking the status and progress of a follow-up e-mail

To check the status and progress of a follow-up e-mail, follow these steps:

1.- Access the "Follow-ups" section of your InboxPro’s dashboard.

Follow up Feature Menu - InboxPro

2.- Click on “Emails” and you will be able to consult the following data:

  • Name: subject and email to which a sequence has been sent.
  • Status: in progress, stopped or finished.
  • Progress: what number of emails in the sequence have been sent.
  • Created: when the sequence started.
  • Stop: to stop the sequence.

Delete: to delete the sequence from the list.

Follow up Feature Emails - InboxPro

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