Stopping / Playing a follow-up email

When using follow-up e-mail sequences, you may need, at a given moment, to stop one of the sequences because, for example, the recipient replies to one of the e-mails or simply because you want to change some settings before continuing to send follow-up e-mails.

Steps for stopping / playing a follow up email

To stop or reactivate a follow-up sequence do the following:

1.- Access the "Follow-ups" section of your InboxPro’s dashboard.

Follow up Feature Menu - InboxPro

2.- Click on "Emails" and use the "stop" button to stop the sequence you want. A message will immediately appear indicating that the sequence has been stopped.

Follow up Feature Play Sequence - InboxPro

3.- If you want to activate it again, click on the "play" button and a message will appear again indicating that the sequence is now back in progress

 Follow up Feature Stop Sequence - InboxPro

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