Copying a Tracking Sequence

When you have already created a tracking sequence and it has been running for a while, you may want to make some changes to test and see which one gives better results. In that case, if you want to keep the original sequence and don’t want to recreate one from scratch, you can copy the sequence.

How to copy a tracking sequence

To do this, do the following:

1.- Access the "Follow-ups" section of your InboxPro’s dashboard.

Follow up Feature Menu - InboxPro

2.- Click on "Sequences" and then on the "Copy" icon of the sequence you want to duplicate.

Follow up Feature Sequences - InboxPro

3.- Once the new sequence has been created, you can edit it and make the necessary adjustments.

Follow up Feature Edit Sequence - InboxPro

(*) Important: for more information on how to edit a sequence, see the article "How to edit a follow-up sequence".

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