How can I stop receiving InboxPro Daily e-mails for my account?

InboxPro sends every day by default a report with your account activity of the previous day: 

  • Number of e-mails sent.
  • Percentage of e-mails read.
  • Percentage of clicks on links.
  • Tracking: read and unread e-mails.
  • Active follow-ups.
  • Calendar of upcoming appointments.

If you need to stop receiving these reports since you prefer to consult them directly in the dashboard ‘s "Tracking" and "Analytics" sections, you can do it in the following way:

Disabling the Daily Reports from Gmail

You can disable the daily report by doing the following:

1.- Open the last daily report e-mail you received in Gmail and click on "Turn off report".

InboxPro Email Notification

2.- Disable the "Daily Report" switch in the next screen and then click on "Save changes".

Settings - InboxPro

Disabling the Daily Reports from your dashboard

1.- Log in to your InboxPro’s dashboard and click on the ⚙️ wheel on the top bar to go to the account settings. 

2.- As in the previous option (disable daily reports from Gmail). Then, on the next screen, disable the "Daily Report" switch and then click "Save changes".

(*) Important: for more information on how to enable or disable notifications, please refer to the article "Email tracking notifications".

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