What plan do I have?

How to know which plan you have

To find out which InboxPro plan you have subscribed to, do the following:

1.- Go to your InboxPro dashboard and in the top right corner of the screen you will see the information of the plan you have active.

Avatar - InboxPro

2.- If you also want to know which are the functionalities offered by your plan, click on your profile image and then on "Plans and Pricing".

User Menu - InboxPro

3.- The next screen will show your "current plan" and you will be able to check what is included, upgrade it or downgrade it, and also change the number of licenses or the billing periodicity.

Plans - InboxPro

(*) Important: for more information on how to change your plan, please refer to the articles "Upgrading your subscription" and "Downgrading your subscription".

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