How do I transfer my subscription to another e-mail account?

Steps for transferring your subscription to another email account

If at a certain moment you need to transfer your InboxPro subscription to another team member because you are no longer part of the project or you change departments within the company, you can do it in the following way:

1.- Go to the "Team" section in your InboxPro dashboard.

Team Menu - InboxPro

2.- Check that you have added the person you want to transfer the account to as a team member.

Team Invitations - InboxPro

3.- Click on your profile picture and then click on "Account".

User Menu - InboxPro

4.- Then click on “Manage your plan”.

Manage InboxPro Plan

5.- Click on "Transfer account" and choose the team member to whom you want to transfer your account. 

(*) Important: the user who becomes the new main account must accept the conditions you had contracted and enter their card details for the change to become effective. In addition, keep in mind that they will be able to consult all the historical data that has been created over time.

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