Is there any trial period?

Yes, InboxPro offers you the chance to enjoy all of its features for free for a seven-day trial period. 

Thus, you can start using the "Advanced" plan and try all the included tools:

  • Magic Compose: text creation by AI.
  • E-mail tracking: follow-up, opened e-mail alert and link tracking.
  • E-mail signatures: signatures with professional design.
  • E-mail templates: templates to be used from Gmail.
  • Calendar scheduling: appointments and events.
  • Follow-up sequences: automated e-mail sequences.
  • E-mail report & Insights: advanced analytics to control your activity in Gmail.

You can also use the “Free” or the “Pro” plan and then activate the seven-day trial period of the “Advanced” plan.

How to activate the trial period

1.- If you already have an InboxPro account, go to your dashboard, click on your profile image and then on “Plans and Pricing”. In case you don't have an account, go to the InboxPro website and click on Pricing

User Menu - InboxPro

2. When the available plans are displayed, click on the “Start 7-days free trial” button.

Plan - InboxPro

3. Log in with your Google account, download the InboxPro Chrome extension and you will have a 7-day free trial to start using the “Advanced” plan.

(*) Important: if you need to know how to sign up for InboxPro, consult the articles: “How to install InboxPro and required permissions” and “InboxPro Chrome extension overview”.

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