Volume discounts

How to see the volume discounts

Did you know that you can get a discount when adding new team members to your InboxPro plan? Just follow these steps:

1.- In your InboxPro dashboard, click on your user profile image and when the menu pops up, click on “Plans and Pricing”.

User Menu - InboxPro

2. Click on the “Get InboxPro for Teams” button.

Get InboxPro for Teams

3. Click on the question mark and a pop up will appear:

Do you need 5 or more accounts? You get a 20% discount. Do you need more than 50? You get 35%. Even if your needs exceed this number, you can contact us to request a proposal.

Team Licenses - InboxPro

(*) Important: if you need more details on how to increase the number of licenses or how to send invitations to new users, please consult the articles: “Increasing the size of the team” or “Inviting a new team member”. 

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