Changing billing periodicity (Monthly/Yearly)

Whether you have a “Pro” plan or an “Advanced” plan of InboxPro, you may want to change the billing frequency to go from a monthly cycle to a yearly cycle or vice versa.

Steps for changing the billing periodicity

In that case, follow these steps:

1.- Go to your InboxPro dashboard, click on your profile image and then on “Plans and Pricing”.

User Menu - InboxPro

2.- When the plan that is currently active and the billing frequency appear, click on the “Bill Monthly / Bill Yearly” switch to change it.

Billing Periodicity - InboxPro

3. Click on “Change to yearly billing”.

Change Billing Periodicity - InboxPro

4.- When the pop-up appears, confirm that you want to change to a monthly or yearly subscription.

Change Billing Periodicity Button - InboxPro

5. You will receive an e-mail confirming the change in billing frequency.

Billing Periodicity Changed Email - InboxPro

6.- In case you need it, check how the change in billing frequency has occurred from the InboxPro dashboard. First, click on your profile image and then on “Subscription and Billing”.

User Menu Billing Link - InboxPro

7.- In the “Invoices” section, the date of the last invoice and the periodicity will appear as shown in the image.

Billing Date - InboxPro

(*) Important: the change in the billing frequency (yearly or monthly) will be made taking into account the date of your last invoice. 

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