Upgrading your subscription

If you are using the "Free" or "Pro" version and need to upgrade your InboxPro features, you can upgrade your subscription to a higher plan directly from your dashboard.

Steps for upgrading your subscription

To update your subscription, follow these steps:

1.- Go to your dashboard and click on your profile image and when the menu pops up click on "Plans and Pricing".

User Menu - InboxPro

2.- Choose the account you want to access and click on "Upgrade".

Plans - InboxPro

3.- In case you upgrade from a "Pro" account to an "Advanced" account, just click on the confirmation message and you will be able to start using it.

Upgrade Subscription - InboxPro

4.- In case you currently have a "Free" account and want to upgrade it to a "Pro" or "Advanced" account, you will have to follow the previous step and, in addition, use Stripe's secure payment gateway to enter your card details.

Billing - InboxPro

5.- Once the operation is confirmed, your account will be updated and you will receive a confirmation e-mail and you will be able to start using the functionalities of the "Pro" or "Advanced" account.

Upgrade Email - InboxPro

6.- If you need to, you can check your invoice from the InboxPro Dashboard, by clicking on your profile image and then on "Subscription and Billing".

User Menu Billing Link - InboxPro

7.- Next go to the "Invoices" section and click on the link as shown in the image:

Billing Date - InboxPro

8.- Here you can download your invoice or receipt.

Invoice - InboxPro

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