Filtering the “Analytics” data

InboxPro's Analytics dashboard allows you to view a large volume of data about the emails you have sent and received over days, months and even years. 

So by using the filters you can segment the information, make it more manageable and see the progress you have made over the time periods you choose.

How to filter the "Analytics" data

To use the filters, do the following:

1.- Access the InboxPro’s dashboard and click on "Analytics".

Analytics Feature Menu - InboxPro2.- Click on the date that appears just below "Analytics" and a menu with filters will be displayed. Several preset options will appear such as "Weekly" or "Monthly" or you can select a specific time period by clicking on "Custom" and choosing the dates in the calendar.

Analytics Feature Filters - InboxPro

3.- When you have finished, click on "Apply filter" and the data on your dashboard will change according to the dates you have selected.

Analytics Feature Insights - InboxPro

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